A field for displaying a list of entities

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I started working on a module that will provide a field & widget for displaying a list of entities. One use case: You wish to add a field to a bean (block type) so your content editors can display a configurable list of entities in each block. For each block, the content editor can choose the entity type (e.g. node, user, etc), bundle, number of items to display, sorting, etc. The widget would be configurable. For example, when creating the field you could specifiy that it will always display a list of nodes, and this will hide the entity type dropdown in the widget so the content editor doesn't have to select "node" from a dropdown each time. In part, the idea here is to provide simple, user-friendly interfaces for content editors, as opposed to sending them to the more complicated Views UI.

Does something like this exist? There is an entitylist module but it seems to do something different. It doesn't provide a field.



This project has a sandbox

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This project has a sandbox now: http://drupal.org/sandbox/arnoldbird/1938852

I applied for full project

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I applied for full project access: http://drupal.org/node/1939962

Feedback welcome.


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I have not tried it, but in theory this module would do what you are thinking, with all of the flexibility of views.

Thx. I tried viewfield the

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Thx. I tried viewfield the other day. It provides a reference field (dropdown), but does not provide any widget for creating lists. So the user still has to go to the views module to create the view first, and then must return to the add/edit form of the container entity. For a developer or power user that's not hard, but I've had non-technical customers who don't want to mess with views.

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