Use page URL as Token

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I just want to use the URL of the current page as a Token with Views (for ?destination=...)
I've been searching for hours, tried different modules (like tokenSTARTER) but it didn't work.

Help! Why is it that difficult?
Thanks a lot.

P.S. Sorry if using the forum would have been better but I thought I'd better ask the guys who made it...



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Using dev version of Views now. See

However, I don't understand why you I wasn't able to make my token acessible everywhere. From all I read I think maybe that isn't possible at all? I'm a little bit confused...
Maybe someone could explain that to me. Thanks!

This is what I'm trying to do also

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I'm trying to provide a field in views and make that into a link to the node itself. In this case, the field is an image from the media module.

How do I make it a link to the node itself? Is there a snippet for that?