April meetup with new location and talks :)

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2013-04-03 18:00 - 22:00 Europe/London
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User group meeting

Hey All,

Posting an official event node for the April meetup based on the discussion here:

Location this month (and potentially onwards?) by popular demand will be the Golden Guinea

Topics suggested so far are:
- Continuous Integration (Ru has a volunteer to talk about this)
- Content editor experience (Rich S can talk a little about)
- Drupal ladder(s)
- Symfony in Drupal 8

Further suggestions welcome and if anyone would like to lead a talk/presentation please do, would be great to have more than one months worth so we could queue up talks for May/June etc...




Cheers Rich

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I've booked the function room at the Guinea for that date :)

My "volunteer" is Jamie Wiseman (AKA instanceofjamie) from Code Enigma / Freshbridge Hosting. I'll double check with him that he's up for it, but he was certainly pretty keen last time we spoke. If you're reading this - hi Jamie!

Rich - I'd be interested in hearing you talk about content editor experience. I'm tempted to try porting a contrib module to D8 and talk about how I get on next month.

Hello :-)

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Hello :-)

Okay, so maybe I should say

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Okay, so maybe I should say more than just 'hello' ;-)

Yep, definitely up for it.

I'd basically be talking about the magic of using Jenkins to automate everything that's a pain in the proverbial about development - basically all the tasks that get in the way of you just writing code. I'll cover why use a CI setup at all, talk a little bit about the things it can do, and how we've used Jenkins at Code Enigma to do some of those things, and then do a little bit of a live demo of the whole thing working.....

Well, hopefully working ;-)

A Jenkins talk would be

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A Jenkins talk would be great, we tried to set it up recently but ran into some issues.

sounds great

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This sounds really great! Looking forward to it.

Sounds good, using the Coder

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Sounds good, using the Coder module with Checkstyle may be a good topic to discuss as well!

Wales based peeps only?

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Do you have to be based in Wales to attend this meetup?

Yep - they check your

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Yep - they check your passport on the way in :-)

Bristol rather than Wales

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Hey Dan,

This is the Bristol and West user group meetup, but posted to other relevant groups - sometimes g.d.o puts Wales in the email notifications even when posted to multiple groups.

Essentially it's in Bristol but anyone is welcome to attend.

Hope to see you there!

Thanks for clearing that up!

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Thanks for clearing that up!

Thought it seemed a bit odd.

Wow, April already

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Don't forget - this is tomorrow :)

If you're coming, please click the "Sign Up" button, just so we know how many we're getting, and don't start early or anything.

Unfortunately Jamie's had to pull out this month, due to his childcare plans getting swopped around, so I'm going to do a quick talk about porting a module to Drupal 8. (The plan is to spend this evening doing it and then report back tomorrow on how it worked and the gotchas I find...)
If you're keen to see Jamie's talk about CI, he's still keen to do it next month.

See you tomorrow!

We'll look forward to CI next

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We'll look forward to CI next month, thanks for putting yourself forward Ru - how long is your session and what time do you want to get started? Last month most people had arrived by 7pm so might be good to start about then.

We (me and Lukus) are going to put together a short talk on admin/content experience so we can do that too.



I'm hoping it'll be about

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I'm hoping it'll be about 1/2hr - 7pm sounds good.

Of course that depends on how easy the port is. I'm not expecting it to "just work" though ;)

Haven't seen you for ages.

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Haven't seen you for ages. I'll be there!

see you tomorrow

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I'll be there

I'll be there too

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Has anyone got a projector

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Has anyone got a projector screen they could bring along tonight? No worries if not - I should be able to find something flat & white around the house to project onto, but a real one'd be nice.


No email reminder?

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I used to get an email reminder about meetings. Has something changed?

I think you only get that if

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I think you only get that if you've signed up for the event, and I can't see you in the signups list.

You can subscribe to all events in this group if you'd like to be notified about everything.

Great to see so many people

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Great to see so many people last night (20-25 or so), and some new faces too.

Thanks to Rich and Rupert for running the talks!

I was particularly impressed

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I was particularly impressed with the box screen :) good work guys.

Slides from last night

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Indeed, great to see a good turnout.

Here are our slides from last night:

A few other modules not mentioned:
Menu Per Role - http://drupal.org/project/menu_per_role - thanks Derek for this
Role Assign - http://drupal.org/project/roleassign - allow clients to assign roles but not access the permissions page

Thanks to Ru for sorting the venue, projector and screen.



Was a great turn out, glad to

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Was a great turn out, glad to see lots if new faces!

Really enjoyed the talks (even though I missed most of the first one) and the debate it encouraged was really good.

Also learnt a lot about underfloor heating so all in all a very informative evening.

Bring on the next one!