Drop Jobs sites examples?

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Hi, does anyone have live Drop Jobs installation examples?


Drop Jobs example

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Go to simplytest.me and test there

Live = working = online =

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Live = working = online = successfully built = maintained, with some .com, .de, .eu .whatever domain

drupal+me: jeweler portfolio

LiveLive = working = online =

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Sorry Dear, but i am working on that


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Simply-view drupal 7 module plz me this module

The following modules are

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The following modules are required but were not found. Move them into the appropriate modules subdirectory, such as sites/all/modules. Missing modules: Admin_views, Better_exposed_filters, Content_taxonomy_autocomplete, Context, Facetapi, Features, Flag, Jquery_update, Role_export, Rules, Taxonomy_access_fix, Variable, Views

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