Twig Sprint in Charlotte, NC

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2013-04-20 10:00 - 17:00 America/New_York
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As feature freeze is rapidly approaching there is still a LOT to do in relation to converting the theme system to Twig. We will be sprinting to work on any Twig or theme engine related issues in the core issue queue. As the event draws closer we may a narrow down a set of tasks to work on. If you can create patches, test patches, review patches, improve documentation, please come out and help make the Drupal 8 theming system awesome!

Time and Location:

Classic Graphics
8335 Classic Drive
Charlotte, NC 28262

April 20th, 10pm-5pm EST

Cant make it to Charlotte? Feel free to join in with us online in #drupal-twig in irc.

Sprint Docs:

See the [Twig sandbox page] for Twig related doc's and important links -