Any Drupalers still out there?

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I'm new to Hawaii and have found a fair amount of Wordpress and Ruby developers but no Drupalers. Any interest in crawling out from behind our keyboard and having a few drinks? Just throwing it out there. Could be a good opportunity to network, talk shop etc. Besides who doesn't like a good happy hour? Reply if your interested, I will coordinate it if there is enough interest, I'd prefer downtown Honolulu or Ala Moana area but anywhere on Oahu will work.


Yeah, let's make this happen!

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Honolulu Drupaler here. I'd love to hang out and talk shop! Let's make this happen. I work at the University of Hawaii, and I know there are more of us here on Oahu. We've gotten together a few times but now it's officially been A WHILE.

Pint + Jigger can be good and not too crowded on a weeknight. Also there's a wine bar at Honolulu Design Center, and on Wednesdays you get two for the price of one.

Sounds good.

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I'm only a wannabe Drupaler right now but if you guys don't mind a newbie hanging around I'm in for a drink or two.


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Hey All,

I am down for some drinks downtown or even coffee if you want to meet during the day. Right now Wed/Thur is always best for me,

Good to hear there are some Drupalers here!

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How about Wednesday April 17th at Amuse Wine bar in the Honolulu Design Center? @loren.swendsen thanks for the suggestion sounds like a great location. @SueD all are welcome as long as you don't mind geeking out a bit. @rickyd1 hope you can make it.

I am looking forward to meeting everyone. If this works for you guys i'll cross post this on and maybe techhui to see if I can drag out a few more.

See you Weds, April 17th @ Amuse

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Well, I'm ALL IN. See you guys there!

I'm in.

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Works for me. See you on the 17th!

womp :(

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Did not see this thread until now! I guess I unsubscribed to notifications a while ago.

I'm always down to talk drupal, and Amuse is a great location. Too bad I'll be on vacation that week! It's been a while since the last meetup.

Have fun you guys, see you at the next one!

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tw: @jaspher

Can't wait...

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Also cross posted on

Looking forward to it!

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See you guys tonight. I'll try to grab a table. Look for the drupalicon sign.