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I am new to Commerce, but not new to DRUPAL.
I want to build a subscription Video service, starting next week, so I am just collecting some study material now. I wanted to get some advice, comments, instructions, examples, anything that may be out there about what I want to do.

I actually have a couple of Use Case models that I want to do.

The first is a video education system. The users need to pay a subscription fee, but can also use coupons. It is for the non profit healthcare industry.

so... Itemized list of features.

1... Users can sign up for a free account. but only view the Visitor Features and Articles. This seems like standard Drupal with roles.

2... several levels of membership. Users can pay for Bronze, Silver or Gold or Platinum memberships. Payment terms are: per month, Per 3 months, Per 6 months.

3... Membership of GROUP, which allows 10 people to sign up as a discount.

4... Coupons. Allow users to get x months at a role based on a coupon that would be issued to that user specifically. The issue is that we want to offer a way to give the videos away for free but use the paid module to imply there is some value. There is a lot of value.

so, can I get some suggestions on the strategy I should use please.



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Checkout the Commerce Card on File 2.x module and Commerce Recurring 2.x for subscription payments.

You can combine this with Role Expire to allocate roles when an order is paid in full for a set length of time.

I am creating a site for

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I am creating a site for sellers. I have following requirements.
1. the account of a seller who has paid subscription for a period should get promoted for that period.
2. The total amount of money made by the seller should be visible on his profile and the profile those sellers (free or paid) who have made most money should get promoted on every page site and this should change dynamically according to the amount of money they make. i.e. If a seller makes more total money in his store than another seller whose profile(store) is currently promoted then that seller replaces him.

Thanks and Regards