April 8th Meetup - Signup Now!

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2013-04-08 18:30 - 20:30 America/New_York

400 S 10th St
Emmaus, PA 18098
Use second driveway on right after Arch St. Park in lot, main entrance is towards the left end of the tall building.

Sign up now so we know how many are coming. Also post below if you'd like to share any projects or new tips you've found!


What shall we talk about?

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Anyone want to present?


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yeah, curious what the topic(s) are.

Can't make it, have some ideas instead

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I won't be able to make this one.

Someone could talk about Drupal 8.

Joe (I think that's his name), could talk about the progress he's made with the feeds/web-services/migration/content-type-structuring stuff he brought up at the last meetup.

Someone could talk about Rules. It's so flexible it's bound to be useful for some feature somebody's working on.

Good suggestions, Colin! For

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Good suggestions, Colin!

For D8 - I know Twig just announced they are looking for help. That could be a great entry-point for many folks to D8. Perhaps this could be a working meet-up and folks could explore Twig together?


I'm going to be out of town that day, but if someone can volunteer to run a laptop with a Google Hangout, I'd love to still join in from the hotel!

Google hangout

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i like the idea of google hangout. i will have been driving every weeknight for awhile. logging in sounds nice.

Not sure who is going, but I

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Not sure who is going, but I am going to have to back out.

Not sure who is going, but I

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Not sure who is going, but I am going to have to back out.

Anyone coming?

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I don't see anyone signed up in the comments. I don't see a link to see who's signed up. Is anyone coming? If not, I won't stay to let you in.

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