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am very new to drupal technology can u help me to knw the basic of drupal.. and suggest me any tutorial and ebooks..


Hi Yokesh, Welcome to the

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Hi Yokesh,
Welcome to the Drupal Community!

Before I answer you anything, pls answer these questions to help me understand your background and requirement.

  1. Which OS do you use? Linux, Mac or Windows?
  2. What is your knowledge on web development?
  3. Do you code in PHP or any other web programming language?
  4. What is your knowledge on HTML/CSS?
  5. What is your intention on learning Drupal? To be a developer or evaluating Drupal for any business?
  6. Lastly, how much time you can spend on to learn Drupal and at what interval?

You can also meet me and fellow drupal developers on second sunday of each month during our regular Puducherry Drupal Meetup.



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HII sir,

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1.am using windows os..
2.i hv a basic knowledge on wbe developing
3.i knw basic languages like html,jsp..
5.drupal was nice and very intresting to leran .. i wanna learn more ..i ll b a web developer
6.now am dng my b.tech ... at free time i ll learn drupal..

puducherry drupal meetup whr it takes place shall i join in that...

Welcome to the drupal community

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Hi Yokesh,

Welcome to the pondicherry drupal community.To understand drupal the drupal.org itself has a wonderful documentation page.

see also the videos of buildamodule in this link

Drupal meetup venue

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Hi Yokesh

Nice to see your interest in learning drupal. Puducherry Drupal meetup is held at Opendrops, M/S Neo Krish Online, No: 3, 1st Floor, Vallalar Salai, Near 45 Feet Road, Venkata Nagar, Puducherry - 605011.

If you have difficulty in finding the location, for help you may reach out either Mohan (9787265268) or Shankar (9843926926)


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at when the drupal meeting will be sir ?

Hello, Very nice to know

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Very nice to know about the Drupal Community in Puducherry, would it be possible for me to attend this meeting virtually?

Food for thought! Nice idea

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hi Shiv

We actually have meet ups in person and we not yet set up for handling virtual meet ups. But its really a food for thought and can try it out one in future.