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I have a e-commerce site dealing with books, which I have made using Drupal Commerce. We had requirement of renting books to for some particular user type.
So I am working towards making a module which will allow renting same product which has been listed as product if we specify that product availibility for renting.
Though I am making this specifically for books but don't know how much it would be useful for some other product type.

If somebody has any suggestion..please leave a comment.



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Hi Rajeevkr,

Thanks a lot for bringing up this interesting topic about rentals.

I was wondering if you tried something like this:
From the top of my head, this is what I thought I could do to realize this feature/logic in a short amount of time:

On one side, you have the products (which I would call Book in your case), with SKU, attributes, and I guess a stock (number of products in store), etc....

Then, I would use Commerce Customizable Products to create a new Line Item type (called Book Rental, in this case) to which I would attach a date field with start and end date.

This would allow adding a product (P1) in the cart with a defined start date (DS1) and end date (DE1).
I would then build a View to list line items (related with products and node displayed just for getting more infos if necessary) and I would be able to filter the Rentals that have been entered and not returned yet.

For the management of the returns, I would add a new Commerce Custom Order Status or just a simple field on the line items, to specify that the rental has been paid initially, borrowed and not returned yet, which would allow further logging of potential penalties if the return goes over X amount of time. If the customer pays upon return of the product, then perhaps the order could stay pending until the goods are returned and paid.

For the Stock management, I would play with cron and rules to update the stocks, clean-up some order statuses, and send notifications to manager for reports of delayed rentals and things like that.

For a more user friendly and easier administrative display, I would use the Calendar module along with a Views of Line Items to see the give the rentals more meaning/feeling related with time and dates.
This part would potentially be tricky and I think there would certainly be some obstacles and problems, but there should be some solutions.

If you had the time and interest to try all that, I would greatly appreciate if you could report back and let us know if something like that would be possible.

Thanks very much in advance.


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Wow! I really hope you can create something like this. I am working on a project with a client that would like to start renting his movies online. He is a Movie producer and writer. Please let me know if you have an ideal on how I can set this up on his site with the option to buy or rent. Good Luck!!!

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