Beta release of Pushtape, redesign, Pantheon hosting partnership

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Just wanted to let ya'll know the 7.x-1.0-beta release of Pushtape is now available over on the Pushtape project page. Please test it out and give some feedback when you get a chance!

Along with the beta release, has been redesigned, with the hope that the site can draw in some interested folks who may not know about the project. Screenshots, Demo, mailing list signup, that sort of thing.

Also thanks to Pantheon, you can now deploy Pushtape with one click on their infrastructure. You can try spinning up an instance for free. This build of Pushtape is built on top of their DROPs-7 version of Drupal core.

Hopefully the beta release will generate some good bug reports and feedback to help move things along to a 1.0 release, and keep the conversation going!


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On the Pushtape homepage, the content is overlayed on a dark, semitransparent content background that still allows the site's phonograph background to show through.

How can I do this for all the solid white backgrounds?

Hey Kevin,You can do that

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Hey Kevin,

You can do that with a little bit of CSS. Checkout line 209 of style.css in the flux theme:

#container {
  margin: 50px auto;
  padding:10px 0;
  /* Default is fluid width. You *could* set a fixed width here if you need to.
  But setting the width with media queries will result in more "responsive-y"
  behavior. */
  /* Allow for setting background color opacity, allows bg to show through */
  background: none repeat scroll 0 0 rgba(255, 255, 255, 1);

The last line here sets the background color and opacity. The first three values sets the color, the last part of the rgba value sets the opacity. So if you did something like rgba(255, 255, 255, .6) it would give the container a white background with 60% transparency. If you wanted it to be 50% transparent with a black background similar to, then you would do rgba(0, 0, 0, .5). You'd have to change the text color to white to make sure it's readable, too.

If you have any more questions, the Pushtape issue queue is probably the best place, or feel free to email / jump in IRC.

Thanks for the help. I think

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Thanks for the help.
I think it looks great using white at .4 transparency.

Now I need to figure out how to change the transparency on the other pages, and how to change the color for all the blue texts.
Any suggestions?

Great work

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Hi Zirafa.

I love what you're doing with pushtape, and I've used it for a few simple sites.

For a way more customized site I'm wondering if you can reveal how you've managed to let us users create nodes in another content type while posting in one content type? (I'm thinking of fx albums & tracks).

I'm really missing a way to let my authors choose between existing content and 'add new' in entity_references especially.

Do I make any sense at all:)?

- record label and webshop

Awesome...glad you've found

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Awesome...glad you've found it useful!

The functionality for creating albums while creating tracks is done through some custom code in Pushtape UI. Basically what happens is during the saving of the track it will create a new album node with the title you provide and then redirect you to the album's edit screen so you can enter more info in.

There are actually some module which provide this type of functionality, but none of them supported the exact custom workflow I was looking for. For more generic functionality that may help you in other scenarios, I recommend checking out:
This one is closest to what Pushtape does. Silently create a node with the given title in the reference field if it doesn't exist. You have to hunt down the newly created node to fill out the rest of the fields.
This one uses a dialog window to create new reference nodes on the fly and is more fully featured. This is good for certain situations where you want to collect all the information up front.


- record label and webshop

Great work

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deleted, double-post

- record label and webshop