The road to DrupalCon Prague 2013

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Welcome to the Drupal Social Initiative on g.d.o!

For this initial thread let's discuss a little bit more how to organise ourselves. I'd like us to try and be really document/wiki focused – keeping wiki pages live at all times (people can see history in revisions if they want). So, let's continually take the juice that happens in the discussions and whack it into even juicier wiki pages so it's easy for newbies to catch up and get the state of the art. There's a lot we can do with the g.d.o group in terms of document/wiki/page management but I'm no expert at it – so hopefully a few of you are and can help organise the top level wiki pages for beneficial visibility and usability.

The aim now is to do a bit more work on our organisational tools and placeholder documents and then do a massive outreach to our gorgeous Drupal community. So then we can have some good momentum when we hit DrupalCon Prague 2013.

We'll do some Skype calls over coming weeks/months too if that works for people. George, Guy and I have a Skype call slated for 10:30am BST Wednesday June 5th. I know that wont work for some of you but if you do want to join then get in touch with me direct and I'll add you to the Skype chat (see URI below). We can also look at Google Hangouts if required at some point.

We also have an IRC channel should we need it #kendra. It looks like no new IRC groups are possible right now. But as there is no traffic on #kendra at all I'm happy we use it.

We've started creating issues at the Social API project – it's a placeholder and not necessarily the ultimate name for the module/whatever – to be decided by us.

So, next steps are organise this group and invite people to it. Onward! ;-)

Cheers Daniel

  • skype:?chat&blob=MjuhXve3ok6WqJf-YQLt1WMq_H0FiAXzKw4hJkYPobqN0t0Fwp5LQG_GsSlzFzjsJAce6l9oBHq18c8YZAc