Drupalize.me Meetup Membership

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I've applied for a Drupalize.me Meetup Membership at http://drupalize.me/meetup-membership-application for the Lehigh Valley Drupal Group. If we get a quick response from drupalize.me, we might be able to use it at our meeting on Monday the 10th.

We probably won't be able to use it yet, but for future reference, does anyone know of any content on Drupalize.me they would want to see at a meetup? You can browse their collection at http://drupalize.me/videos


Bethlehem Club

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FYI - We just moved into new offices at the old Bethlehem Club (now the Glemser Technologies building). We've got some really nice facilities I'd like to put to use... we have a number of conference rooms, tables, chairs, beer on tap, widescreens, and some other fun features. Would you guys be interested in meeting here on Monday? If not (because it's already set at Lafayette), let's do the next one here (and the next, and the next.... ;).

520 North New Street,
Bethlehem, PA 18018

So cool that Lullabot is offering this deal! Awesome!

Sounds great for next month

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I think it would be best to keep the meeting location as it is for Monday the 10th. Anyone else care to chime in?

Thanks for your offer for next month.

That's a very generous offer,

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That's a very generous offer, thank you!

I agree with Colin that we shouldn't move things for Monday. Will you be able to make it on Monday? It would be nice to meet you and we can definitely chat some more about this.