Online music notation using VexFlow / VexTab

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Hi all,

This is an announcement that I've started integrating the JavaScript music engraving library VexFlow within Drupal. I've also forked the project on GitHub to add microtones and Arabic scales, with which I am familiar. You can read more on my blog.

I'm seeing this work as useful for music professionals or teachers who would like to add music notation in their blog posts (e.g. exercises, interesting licks, etc.) I'm also planning to add MIDI playback to the notation, as time permits.

Please let me know if you're interested to contribute!


This looks very cool.

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This looks very cool. Thanks for drawing attention to VexFlow and what you are doing. I'm going to keep an eye on this.

This looks great! Interested

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This looks great! Interested in helping as much as I can.

Thanks! Try out the module,

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Thanks! Try out the module, send feedback, submit patches, use it in your next project :-)

ok, found your sandbox project

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ok, found your sandbox project through your blog link, bare-bones content filter.