Migration from Drupal 6 and Drupal Commons 2.x, to D7 and Commons 3.x

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Is there a guide available for this migration? I saw that someone is working on an upgrade tool, but are there any manual steps available?


Also interested

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I would also be interested in some guideline with the manual steps for such upgrade.

See Common issues

Drupal-to-Drupal migrate module

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While not just there yet, I've been playing with this one.


Do pay attention to which version of dependences you need. The module migrate_d2d_ui requires the dev branch.

There is also https://drupal.org/project/commons_migration/ you should follow. I say 'follow' instead of download as it's still in early stages.

Please share if you find anything yourself!

Been testing more at

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Been testing more at https://drupal.org/project/commons_migration but need more testers, more activity to keep the development progress moving.