Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit 2013: Registration is Open!

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2013-10-04 (All day) - 2013-10-06 (All day) America/Vancouver
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Drupalcamp or Regional Summit

Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit 2013

The Pacific Northwest Drupal Summit is back this fall in Vancouver, BC on Oct 5-6. For the past three years the PNWDS has been the premiere regional event for 200+ Drupal pro's from across the Pacific Northwest. Join your fellow intermediate & advanced Drupal developers, themers, & business professionals for an action packed two-day event full of learning and, of course, fun.

Is This Event for Me?

Because the Summit is organized for people with Drupal experience, beginners should prepare by taking some beginner courses before attending the Summit. Sessions will not be designed specifically for beginners but many will be useful to beginners.

Learn about other Drupal educational events here and here


Registration is now open and tickets are $50. We've limited capacity this year and consistently sold out previous years, so we'd recommend signing up early! If you're interested in presenting and hosting a session this year, we'd love to hear about it, submit your session today.

Register now!


If you are interested in submitting a session, Please do! The deadline for session submissions is August 24th, 2013.


We offer the unique opportunity for you to directly present your company to the top Drupaleers in our neck of the woods. We have intentionally kept the event small to create an opportunity for attendees to make strong connections with other professionals. Please contact us with your interest in sponsorship or take a look at our sponsorship packages.

Volunteering Opportunities

It's not too late to get involved at the ground floor! If you're interested in helping out at a committee level please contact Steve Krueger or Brett. If you're interested in being a general volunteer, please contact one of our volunteer coordinators.


w00t! Congrats, y'all. The

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w00t! Congrats, y'all. The site looks great (of course).

Looking forward to it!

I would like to propose a session...

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... but it looks like you need to register and pay before you can propose a session. I need to process the payment through my company but I'm waiting for PayPal account to be approved. Any way I can send the session proposal to someone?

Hi Ryan, If you contact us

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Hi Ryan,

If you contact us here, we can help you out:

Looking 4: PNW Drupal Summit 2013, 1 ticket

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Hi all-

My name is Kip and I am a fellow Drupaller neighbor down in Bellingham. Was planning on attending, but saw that tickets are sold out! Anyways, if anyone knows someone who has an extra that they are willing to sell, that would be fabulous! Thanks!

Extra ticket

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Hi Kip,

I've got a ticket available. Do you still need one?

re: that ticket

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if he doesn't want it, i am interested!

Peter Fisera
Earth Angel Consulting

Got a ticket

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Hey guys-

I got a ticket to the venue. Thank you for the offer, though. See you up there!


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Looks like it's yours now! Why don't you email me at so we don't clog up mailboxes unnecessarily?

Look for tickets too!

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If anyone happens to have any extra tickets, I am looking!! I need up to 5 tickets. Thanks

I have a ticket but I will

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I have a ticket but I will not be going. Email me katrin at if you want it.

That would be great! My

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That would be great! My coworker Gerald will email you.

This ticket is no longer

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This ticket is no longer available

Looking for one ticket... does anyone has one available?

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I would appreciate it. Please call me any time at 604-727-1387 or email if you have one available. Thank you in advance.

Looking for two tickets - will pay premium :)

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Hi, myself and my most awesome business partner would very much love to attend the Northwest Drupal Summit while we're visiting the wonderful Vancouver.

Would anyone by chance have two tickets they'd be willing to sell to a couple of nerdy guys from Toronto?

All the best to everyone,


David, Bcomm, S.A.
Lead Software Designer and Drupal Expert

416-427-8864 call or text

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416-427-8864 call or text works too! :)

David, Bcomm, S.A.
Lead Software Designer and Drupal Expert

I have a golden ticket

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I'm thinking of not going.

Anyone interested in buying my ticket can call me at 604 970 5826
or email on:
admin at brandonjmckay [dot] com

It's gone.

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I've sold my ticket, it's no longer available.

Free ticket

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OpenSourcery has an extra ticket we are giving away. Please contact me directly if you're interested.

extra ticket for drupal summit

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if anyone has 2 tickets I would take it off your hands


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Do you still have available ticket?

Available Ticket

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It turns out I can't make it either. Contact me if you'd like to buy my ticket.

ticket available?

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Is your ticket still available?

No Longer Available

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This ticket has been taken.

Another available ticket.

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Contact me if you'd like my ticket.

... You can still give tickets away today right?

Ticket please

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I would love to buy your ticket if it's available.

Please let me know.

No longer available

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My ticket is no longer available

Yes it is

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I'll contact you

I had trouble with the direct

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I had trouble with the direct contact, flagged me as spam apparently. If you still are looking to get rid of the ticket (for some reason catjulie can't take it), please contact me.