DrupalCamp Costa Rica 2013 Open to international speakers and attendees

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2013-09-13 08:00 - 2013-09-14 18:00 America/Los_Angeles
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Drupalcamp or Regional Summit

The 3rd Drupal Camp Costa Rica will be held this September the 13th and 14th, in the central facilities of the University of Costa Rica.

DrupalCamp Costa Rica is a non-profit event organized by the Drupal Users Group in Costa Rica, which is composed of local people and businesses. The aim of this event is to support and promote the Drupal open source project and unite the community of users and developers. Users with or without experience in Drupal will meet in a fun, valuable and generous knowledge sharing space.


The event will be enriched with high-profile international speakers such as experienced developers like Larry Garfield (crell), extraordinary project managers like Molly Byrnes (Phase2Technology.com), genius entrepreneurs like Matt Cheney (Pantheon co-founder), savvy business owners like Ron Huber (AchieveInternet.com) and seasoned developers like David Flores (@dmouse) and Rob Montero (@rmonteroo).


The DrupalCamp is a two-day event, which will have lectures, lightning talks and workshops, which will be taught by national and international experts.

It is noteworthy that although the DrupalCamp Costa Rica is a nonprofit event, there is a small registration fee:

  • Early-bird $ 25 registration before August 15
  • Regular $ 35 registration after August 15

Is this DrupalCamp for me?

We want it to be! Our goal is to give space to everyone who has a connection to Drupal. If you are a magician of the code, a beginner, an editor or just curious by Drupal, in any form, we would like to attend DrupalCamp.

If any of the following applies to you, then you should probably come to the DrupalCamp:

  • Are you a representative of an organization that is considering migrating or creating a new project in Drupal?
  • Are you curious about Drupal and open source?
  • Want to show your project or share your knowledge with the community?
  • Want to mingle and interact with the developers, users and companies that work with Drupal?

So go ahead and REGISTER NOW


This looks like a great

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This looks like a great event! @jmolivas was just telling me about this event & how awesome the good people of Costa Rica are this past weekend while at DrupalCamp LA. This event falls during the time of one of my niece's birthday (& 1 week before mine) & since we're working on a childrens' book together were going to use the time to collaborate & finish it up. Having said that, I'll see what I can do cuz going to Costa Rica + hanging out w/the Latin American Drupal community sounds like so much fun! :)

Best of luck! Saludos desde Los Angeles.

Miguel Hernandez - www.migshouse.com
Founder & CEO - The OpenMindz Group
Writer- Linux Journal & TechZulu

We would love for you to come

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We would love for you to come down.

It will be fun!

Best regards,

Rob Montero
Zend Certified Senior Drupal Engineer
Achieve Internet

SF Bay Area

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