Notes from July 15 2013 Meeting

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I'm attaching my notes from the meeting last night as a PDF. If anyone wants to add anything, feel free!

Thanks for attending, everyone, especially on such a nice evening. See you in August! Don't forget to vote in the meeting-night poll!

~ Jennifer

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Thanks for posting the notes Jennifer

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A few other thoughts:

Another way to inject CSS instead of code per node is the CSS Injector module and the JS injector module.

Also, for node titles I really like auto entity label.

Hope to see you all next month.

Code Per Node vs CSS/JS Injector

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Thanks for mentioning the other injector modules.

One thing that does not appear available (please correct me if otherwise) in the Injector modules is the ability to apply the CSS/JS customizations to Blocks. Code Per Node can add customizations to a Page and a Block.

CCS Injector has Rules that allow you to provide a "page" path for where the CSS customization is to be applied. It may be that both modules would offer the greatest flexibility, but might also lead to conflicts....merits further exploration.

I think you are right, the

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I think you are right, the injector modules are used more or less for page or site level changes. As the module states it is not really meant to be a fix for long-term production. That CSS should go into the theme files. The code per node module certainly solves some specific use cases.

Thanks again for sharing.


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