Update on Mobile initiative #43 - Component Naming convention

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Target in hand for the mobile initiative:

Complete a survey of 3rd party resources to aid with component naming conventions.

The different steps are:

Do a survey of various style guides to see what others have named these components and build a list of possible components in a Google drive spreadsheet at: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AvR7gnIrX0ckdDgzNDI0blZVSnF...
List of style guides/resources that should be used for each component:
* Seven style guide: guide with screenshots, live HTML demo
* Styleguide and Boilerplate patterns
* Aria: Abstract roles, Widget roles

This is also detailed at [#2012020]: Complete a survey of 3rd party resources to aid with component naming conventions

As components are identified, create an issue for each component and then try to come to consensus based on the survey data. Add that new issue to the issue summary of #1995272: [Meta] Refactor module CSS files to use component-style selectors

Issues already in action are:

#2003742: Refactor menu with new component-style selectors
#2006496: Refactor tabs with new component-style selectors

Target timeline:

Immediate :)
(Before release candidate 1)
Looking to for all your help on these issues!

Next meeting Announcement

Drupal 8 Mobile Initiative Meeting#44.0, Please note the meeting times have moved by 90 minutes. This is the new time slot for the x.0 meeting from now on.

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