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This popped into my head for no particular reason - a module to encourage (proper) use of the support queues. Real simple module to throw together, but I don't need any more modules to maintain - a good opportunity for someone's first contribution. Basic functionality:

  • On the modules page, for each module with a 'project' key in the .info file, provide a 'Support' link.
  • The first time a given user hits the support link, present an interstitial linking to and asking if the user has read and understood how to use the d.o issue queues. Remember the answer.
  • If they've said yes at any time, redirect to the module's issue queue (filtered for the Drupal version). For core modules, go to the Drupal issue queue filtered on that module.


  • Instead of redirecting directly to d.o, have a local page that emphasizes searching before posting and links to the issue queue.
  • Maybe on this page display a feed of recently updated open issues.
  • And maybe instead of simply linking to the queue, have a search box.


Hi. I am interested in

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I am interested in building this module. but I don't think I understood the workflow clearly. Can you elaborate ?

  1. Where do we provide the support link? On the admin/modules page where we see Configure link some times?

  2. Do we display the node/317 link on our module page and then redirect to the module issue queue?

  3. By local page, do you mean the page on the drupal site generated by our module?

I like the idea of this as it makes it very easy to search for issues. We can later on elaborate this to find if there are any incompatible modules with the current module and provide details.

Thanks and have a great day!

-Magic is in the moment...

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