August 12th 7pm-9pm @ Gravit Digital

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Hi all,

We have a meeting coming up two Mondays for now. If you have a burning desire to discuss something please post so we can begin to formulate an agenda.

Perhaps follow a format like the following:

Title: This should describe what you want to discuss
Estimated Time: Just give a best guess how long you think the discussion will take.
Description: Describe in detail if you wish the topic.

If you have a question, but maybe not a full-fledged discussion, post that too so people can start formulating answers.

It looks like we will be having some new members as well, welcome!



Modernizr library as a possible topic to discuss

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Greetings all,

The below is something that I would be interested in discussing:

TITLE: Usage of the feature detection library Modernizr to explore new technologies (HTML5 and CSS3) without compromising overall site viability for earlier browsers and OS'.

ESTIMATED TIME: 15-30 minutes, no official demonstration, just a discussion with the possibility of a few examples and references for further exploration.

DESCRIPTION: Modernizr is a Javascript library that can be used in Drupal (or any other web project) that uses feature detection (rather than user agents) to determine what code will be run. Details here:

There is a Drupal module available at:


Will site visitors find this of value?

More testing (QA) and testing resources to ensure that the code is functioning properly in all target environments. Is this worth the effort?

What is the business case for putting this library in place?

That sounds great!

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I think we can have a very productive discussion around modernizer. Several base themes ship with modernizer as well. It will be added to the agenda. Thank you.

Modernizr presentation at DrupalCon Portland 2013

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There is a YouTube video of a Modernizr presentation given at DrupalCon Portland 2013 that might be a good intro to Modernizr:

Slides of the video with selectable text and live links at:

Some of the links mentioned in the presentation that compliment the use of Modernizr:

HTML5Please - "Look up HTML5, CSS3, etc features, know if they are ready for use, and if so find out how you should use them – with polyfills, fallbacks or as they are."

Can I Use... - "Compatibility tables for support of HTML5, CSS3, SVG and more in desktop and mobile browsers."
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Another video overview of Modernizr from the folks at CSS-Tricks might be helpful if you are thinking Modernizr might be useful:


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