SWDUG Meetup - 14th August 2013, in Cardiff

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2013-08-14 18:00 - 21:00 Europe/London
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User group meeting

Just had confirmation through that we're okay to have another meetup on August 14th (and every second Wednesday thereafter).

Since there hasn't been a huge discussion, I'm going to leave comments open for any suggested talks, or requests for anything to be looked at. I'll bring a laptop along, and could do something on using Vagrant for your dev environment, maybe. But perhaps some folks might want to talk about actual Drupal ;-)

So once again, 6pm (or as soon as you can make it) August 14th, at The Owain Glyn Dwr in Cardiff. (http://www.theowainglyndwr.co.uk/find-us/)


Git Flow or Drush

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I did think about about doing some talks about Git Flow or on Drush usage that isn't just "drush cc all". Would be nice to give some other people the chance to talk though. ;)