Top .ng Drupal Websites

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Hey guys,

I used to run this for South Africa (where I'm from) and recently expanded the script to include other countries.

That's a list of the most accessed .ng Drupal websites in Nigeria by people from Nigeria, ranked. It's a weekend project labour of love, so don't be too hard on it ;-)

It uses top sites data I purchase from Amazon/Alexa, strips out all domains, then runs Wappalizer (github-hosted JSON analysis logic) against the top sites to determine which runs Drupal.

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great work!

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great work!

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great to know that one of my works top the list

Which one!

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Indulge in some bragging rights ;-)

Apart from the mtn business

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Apart from the mtn business ones, all the other designs made me cringe... So many great Nigerian Drupal sites, most of then not .ng though

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Re-write on re-write...

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I was half-way through re-writing the whole set of scripts I use to generate the site to be more lean, robust, OOP and better at picking up screenshots when work hit me again in full force. Unfortunately I doubt I'll be able to get back to it very quickly.

The current re-write still does just the same thing, only faster and better, but for a future re-write I was considering a beta site that uses per-country access statistics but does not limit to that country's top level domain. It will be top heavy with Google properties, but will give more sites to work with per country. If the beta site is of more use and/or more popular to the community it can replace the existing one.

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We're quoting on some Nigerian headline website work right now, I may well see you guys in person soon. is a new site that is now without branding and more focussed in support of the Drupal community. It parses the top 1 million websites (if all goes well, weekly) to find the top Drupal websites, ranks them and notes the people who built them (as well as their Drupal Association membership).


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