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I am trying to set up Organic Groups with unique content type permissions using Drupal 7.23 and OG 7.2.

My previous OG experience has been with Drupal 5 and OG 5.4.

While previous OG versions relied on additional modules to provide detailed group and global permissions, OG 7.2 appears to have this built in, but I am finding the official Drupal.org site OG 7.2 documentation rather sparse and not very helpful. I have searched the Internet and all I can find are instructions or videos on how to set up various previous versions.

Is there anyone who has successfully set up OG 7.2 to provide unique content type permissions per group who could either refer me to some documentation etc. on how to do this, or who would be willing to answer a few questions about the process?

I am mainly puzzled regarding two aspects:

  • How to set up group content types with permissions such that members can only create, edit and delete using those content types within the groups they are members of

  • How to set up the group 'home' pages where members can see who else is in the group, and see a listing of group created content with edit links. OG 7.2 comes with a sub-module of examples, but it is not clear how to utilize them.


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I think the answer to your

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I think the answer to your first question lies in Where? and How? can one set Group roles and permissions for a particular group. The answer is not obvious indeed.

  • go to admin/config/group/fields
  • in Bundles, select 'Node/[the name of your group content type]' ** WARNING, it is easy to miss this setting
  • in Fields, select 'Group roles and permissions'
  • click 'Add field'
  • now go to the edit form of your group content type and set the 'Group roles and permissions' field to 'Override default roles and permissions'.

When this is done, the "(read-only)" that appeared next to a group's Permissions and Roles links will have disappeared and you'll be able to configure the group's behavior as you wish.

One possible answer to you second question is, you can do this with Page Manager. The following screencast clearly shows you how: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqMEY6WMmtE&feature=youtu.be.

Hope this helps.

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