COD Sprints at BADcamp

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2013-10-26 11:00 - 15:00 America/Vancouver

If you're coming to BADcamp, come help make COD for Drupal 7.x better!

We'll be tackling a few issues in the queue, and depending on how much we get done, releasing a new Alpha.

Discuss below which things you want to work on, and maybe with some pre-organization we can make this a really effective sprint. I'll be at BADcamp sprinting on mainly commons, but want to help people get setup if they're interested in improving COD.

Some topics:
1) Moving scheduling from rooms to event CT
2) Getting default (or current events) setup
3) Fixing the ability to add a timeslot to a new node
- (because i don't think default event is actually working yet)
4) Additions to the 'Event Dashboard'
5) Registration?
6) Working with the DA to compare feature/function differences with CODzilla and upstream

I'm hesitant to work on registration because of the vast difference of opinion and timesuck it has caused at other camps. I'd like this to be a coding and 'howto get COD up and running' sprint.

Other ideas?


I won't be there but I'll be

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I won't be there but I'll be on irc to do this

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