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I am migrating a Drupal6 site from one hosting account to another. The existing site was developed by another Drupal developer and I have been asked to move it for the site owner. It is a very large site (about 3.6gig) with a lot of custom views created. I would like to be able to migrate the views as they are but that is not happening. Everything is working fine except the views on the home page, which are critical obviously. The views in the new site vary greatly from the old site. I have not shut the old site off yet but I am hoping to by weeks end. I exported all the existing views from the existing site, is there an easy way to import them into the new site so I do not have to configure each one individually?



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Have you tried using the features module? I ran into a similar issue a few years ago - most of my views had been wiped when trying to copy from our dev environment to production. I created a feature module consisting of all my views, pushed features plus the generated module to production, enabled them and everything worked.

code + database ?

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am migrating a Drupal6 site from one hosting account to another.

Are you able to just mysqldump the database and the code and move it all over to the new site? or is there new data on the new site which is preventing a site move?

Otherwise, you can use features to dump the views, or do a views export from views itself without features and write a small custom module to load the views.

Some links (you'll need to find the D6 method to do it probably)

Features can do much of this for you, also, good idea to backup before any changes, use a test server etc.

Good luck!

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