Drupaldelphia is next week - did you sign up?

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Who is going? It's a week from today!


I'll be heading down. Post here if you're interested in carpooling or meeting up while we're down there.


Are you testing me?

New Group Member

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I'm new to the group, but did sign up for Drupaldelphia today.

Attended two days of NYC Camp and found it really beneficial, looking forward to Friday's event.

Would be interested in meeting there or carpooling, route 33 park and ride is nearby for me.

Welcome to the group, Ross!

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Welcome to the group, Ross! Want to carpool? I'm driving (and can submit my miles :) ). I'm not far from the park and ride on William Penn, I can swing by there.

Anyone else interested in hitching a ride?

Thanks Nate!

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Sounds good, looking forward to meeting you. What time do you want to meet?

Probably need to leave by 7?

Sounds perfect - I'll pick

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Sounds perfect - I'll pick you (and anyone else wanting a ride) up at the William Penn park and ride at 7am. Let's meet by the bus stop? I have a red Subaru Legacy (4-door not wagon).

Lehigh Contingent

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I know there will be at least a couple of us there from Lehigh. I'm looking forward to it.

Nate, your session looks useful.

Session notes

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Hey everyone,

I took notes during the sessions I attended and put them on my blog.

I wrote down a lot during the Scaling NASA.gov with AWS session.

Hope someone finds these useful!