Problem with porting to a new host

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Another question from the noob, ignore if not interested.

I finally got tired of the lag time associated with developing on a remote host (arvixe) and decided to re-host on my laptop. I exported the database from mysql on arvixe, ftped (binary) to my laptop, and imported it into mysql there. I did a fresh drupal installation on a dummy database (which came up fine) and changed settings.php to point to the ported database.

When I installed drupal on Arvixe I used their installation script which automatically prepends "dr_" onto the beginning of the table names. Apparently this is incompatible with the standard drupal installation I had on my laptop, so I re-named all the table names to remove "dr_".

Now I'm getting the white screen of death on the drupal start page. I've cleared the browser cache and re-started the local server (EasyPHP), and checked with ( with no luck.

Anyone have any experience with a similar problem?


You'll may need to clear your

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You'll may need to clear your cache manually (empty out cache* tables), or even do a registry rebuild.

Try that, if that doesn't work, you can go back to dr_ table prefixes, and edit $databases variable in your settings.php to add the table prefix according to

If I'm not mistaken, and

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If I'm not mistaken, and assuming we're talking about drupal 7, you could try going into sites/default/settings.php (from the webroot on your system). On about line 224 (typically), in the Database definition array, there is a field for 'prefix' which has nothing in it by default. Try putting your prefix string in there and see if that helps. I hope it does!

Thanks guys!

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I suspect I had other problems since your suggestions didn't work (somehow missed the prefix option in settings.php). I exported the database again using the backup and migrate module which seemed to do the trick. I know it doesn't export the cache tables, maybe there are other things it leaves out as well.


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