Midwest Regional Meetup and Camp Planning Meeting

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2013-11-07 19:00 - 21:00 America/Chicago
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User group meeting

Midwest regional meetup! Let's plan a camp.

We need to decide on what months are a possibility (opening discussion with maybe March or September 2014), venue choices to consider, what to have at the camp, etc.

Join us!

20 W Kinzie St #1510, Chicago, IL 60654
at Duo Consulting


Will it be possible to be a

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Will it be possible to be a part of this discussion virtually? I won't be able to make it down to Chicago for this. :-/

A few others have indicated

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A few others have indicated they'll be there virtually as well. I'll leave the exact details to Jason or Andrea, but I'm gonna guess a Hangout.

I organize camps!
DrupalCamp Fox Valley: http://drupalcampfv.org
MidCamp: http://midcamp.org

Awesome, thanks!

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Awesome, thanks!

I suggest that starting from

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I suggest that starting from scratch for a date less than six months out is too short a lead time, especially if you want to attract a regional attendance.
Optimisticly, if you find a good venue and accommodation in only a month, the publicity would begin no more than four months out for spending a weekend in another state. My guess is that a lot of the people you want to attract couldn't do it on three months notice.

Aside from the forced march burden you'd be putting on yourself!

Did we decide on a date/time for the next meeting?

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Hi Everyone!

I missed the end of the meeting on Thursday: Did we decide on a date/time for the next meeting?

What's the next most important step? Getting the venue set and the date completely confirmed?

I'll connect with the website team, but I figure I should wait on soliciting sessions and marketing until the date is set...

Any thing else important that I missed?



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