Live site - fieldsets, selectors, etc - not there or not working? Cannot drag menus either.

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Hi, hoping someone can help.

For some reason in my live version of my site, all the collapsable fieldsets (grey boxes) are missing.... they're there (as plain black text, not grey boxes), but they can't be selected, opened or anything, so none of the settings on the page can be changed i.e. if I create content I cannot click or make any revision settings.

Additionally, the select box to select 'all' content in the content section has just disappeared.

Additionally, I cannot drag menus in the menu page, it just freezes.

Has anyone any idea what could be causing this? My local version of the site has no such problems and is an exact copy?

Please see screenshots to further demonstrate my problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated..... I'm sure Drupal will become the death of me.

Fieldsets (grey boxes) not showing27.29 KB
Okay on my local version80.61 KB
Selectors missing55.1 KB


Can you check if there are

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Can you check if there are any Javascript errors in the browser console ?


Hi. Thanks for chipping

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Hi. Thanks for chipping in.


TypeError: Drupal.ajax is undefined = function(ajax, response, status...

Please note that this does not occur on local site only live. Additionally, no changes have been made to this module for some time so why all of a sudden would this start happening?

Do you have js aggregation on

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Do you have js aggregation on on server?
Can you try disabling it.
Also Just in case, clear the Drupal and browser cache


I'll have to check with

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I'll have to check with server administrators on this one if you mean live server and not local.

Have cleared caches many times as I also thought this would sort it but it doesn't do anything.

I was talking about the

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I was talking about the Javascript Aggregation
In the same page where you have the clear cache button.
You ll find a check box for this.
Can you try disabling it?


I've just disabled it,

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I've just disabled it, flushed the caches and now it's working. Thanks so much for this.

Can you explain why this has happened? Does this mean they can never be aggregated?

Thank you

You probably have some bad

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You probably have some bad JS
It can only be in your Custom JS.
you could get your file validated with jslint.


Is the error TypeError:

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Is the error TypeError: Drupal.ajax is undefined comming in your local version?

No errors whats so ever.

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No errors whats so ever. Works perfectly aswell.