COPEing Mechanisms: The Promise and Peril of "Create Once Publish Everywhere"

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The Content Strategy Meetup is having a meeting tomorrow night about the realities of "COPE". Thought this would be interesting to some of you since that was a big theme at last year's DrupalCon. I will be attending.

Check it out here:

Join us for an informative evening with Deane Barker, founding partner in Blend Interactive, a content management consultancy in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Deane has spent more than a decade speaking on and writing about web content management systems, methodologies, and practices. We're thrilled that he's making time during his visit to Seattle to talk with us about the idea of COPE (create once, publish everywhere), why we love it, what problems can be introduced when trying to put it into practice in your organizations, and some alternatives and coping mechanisms when the ultimate dream can quite be achieved.


Summary at the next SeaDUG?

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Would you be willing to give a quick summary of this at the next SeaDUG? Perhaps before we get into the bowels of e-commerce...

If so, post of comment on this month's SeaDUG meeting post and reference this post.

Thanks, Jeanne!