enable book nodes to be group-aware

the events group would like to create a book to keep track of some work we're doing. we'd like to create the book within our groups.drupal.org group. can we enable book pages to be group-aware?



Need non group nodes

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Well, thing is, we need some non-group nodes for some basic static pages.

I was hoping that perhaps we can use the Liquid Wiki and then have the base wiki page node included in groups.

We will have an issue with the syntax of Liquid Wiki vs. Markdown. If we do make this change and use the Liquid Wiki syntax, we should do it soon. I would be in favour of this -- it would be a high profile Drupal site using built-in wiki functionality. And lots more people know MediaWiki syntax rather than Markdown, I suspect.


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dww is investigating feasibility of og_book here. meanwhile moshe released og_vocab and might just make a taxo solution for same need.