This (two) weeks in Drupal Core: November 20th 2013

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What's new with Drupal 8?

Config translation UI in core

We now have a config translation UI in core! The module builds forms off of configuration schemas and automatically attaches translation operations to overview and edit forms. Whilst working on this module dozens of core bugs and DX issues were identified and resolved, all of which made Drupal 8 better.
Congratulations to everyone who worked on the issue for the last six months. With 27 people credited, the issue tied with this issue for the record number of people listed in a commit message. Here’s the monolithic commit message in entirety:
Issue #<a href="">1952394</a> by vijaycs85, tstoeckler, webflo, Gábor Hojtsy, Schnitzel, falcon03, YesCT, kfritsche, Ryan Weal, dagmita, likin, toddtomlinson, nonsie, Kristen Pol, dawehner, tim.plunkett, penyaskito, EclipseGC, larowlan, robertdbailey, helenkim, David Hernández, EllaTheHarpy, lazysoundsystem, juanolalla, R.Hendel, Kartagis: Add configuration translation user interface module.

PHP 5.4

Major news this fortnight is that Drupal 8 will officially require php 5.4. PHP 5.3 is approaching EOL, and PHP 5.4 offering us some cool features to improve DX and performance. To quote Dries:

Given that PHP 5.3 will be end-of-life in about 8 months and that the PHP team won't provide security fixes for PHP 5.3, we'll have to start making PHP 5.4 compatibility bugs critical security bugs.

Green by 2014 initiative

The accessibility team have announced a major initiative to have Drupal 8 pass all automated accessibility tests by 2014. For more info see: the announcement or the open issues

Testbot stats

Interested in how many tests our awesome bots run? Or how long they take? Or how many fail on average? Check out these Cool testbot stats collated by @jthorson.

Drupal 8 Documentation proposal

Continuing from last installments announcements regarding api docs, @jhodgdon posted a (somewhat) radical proposal for Drupal 8 developer docs, feedback required.

Notable Commits

The best of git log --since "2 week ago" --pretty=oneline.
Another fortnight mostly focussed on cleanup and bug-fixes (82 in total) which move us that little bit closer to a stable release.

  • Issue #1886448 by dawehner, sun, Berdir, ParisLiakos: Rewrite the theme registry into a proper service.
  • Issue #2085201 by jessebeach, tim.plunkett, dawehner, yoroy: Use sensible block categories (rather than module-name categories).

Drupal 8 Around the Interwebs

Blog posts about Drupal 8 and how much it's going to rock your face.

Drupal 8 in "Real Life

Upcoming events thanks to

  • November 22-24 DrupalCampNW 2013 United Kingdom, Manchester
  • November 22-24 DrupalCamp Vienna 2013 - Connecting Open Minds, Austria, Wien
  • November 28-30 Drupal 3Days Cochabamba, Bolivia, Cochabamba
  • December 2nd Cornell DrupalCamp 2013 United States, Ithaca, NY

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