D8 Core Developer Docs (somewhat radical) proposal

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A few of us have been working on a proposal for making the Drupal 8.x developer docs more discoverable.

The thing is... We have some pretty good API reference docs on api.drupal.org, and most people know about them. The D8 landing page there is a bit lame right now, but we can fix it (and plan to).

However, we also have some pretty good API tutorial/expanded docs on https://drupal.org/developing/api, which, judging by page hit statistics from Google Analytics, many people do not know about. And the reference docs on api.drupal.org are not well connected to the API tutorials.

So... We've come up with a plan to move the developing/api docs to api.drupal.org, via a separate Git repository where we'd write the docs (instead of writing them on drupal.org). It's kind of a radical change, so before we adopt it, we'd like to get some feedback. The issue is:
and there's all kinds of information there, including a proof of concept site where you can see how it would look.

Please go there, check out the proposal in the issue summary, click through to the test site, and tell us what you think on that issue. (I'm closing comments here -- we'd like comments to go on the issue.)