BDUG 11/25 Users Helping Users

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2013-11-25 12:00 - 13:30 UTC

On 11/25 we will be doing a Users Helping Users meeting. No question is too basic. If you’re having a problem with your Drupal site, let’s take a look and see if we can point you in the right direction. Bring your laptops.

If you have a thorny problem or curiosity about a general topic, feel free to reply here and describe what you would like to investigate. Having a little heads up is always useful.

If there are no issues to discuss, this will be a co-working session.

Berkeley Drupal Users Group: 11/25/13 12-1:30pm
WHERE: UC Berkeley Campus: Barrows Hall 60 (basement room)


Where is the event?

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Sorry about that. I just

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Sorry about that. I just added the location above:

Berkeley Drupal Users Group: 11/25/13 12-1:30pm
WHERE: UC Berkeley Campus: Barrows Hall 60 (basement room)

Drupal Commons

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Hi we are developing a site based on Drupal Commons. I found the following page, so I have an impression that Berkeley is using Drupal Commons.

We have experience a few weird situations. Some of these situations were also weird because it happens suddenly after we have tested the features and they were fine. And suddenly it changes back. We wonder whether this is because of the host is making some changes on the server.

Issue 1: When we delete a user, we can't pick the option for also deleting it's post. We were only left to leave that user's post anonymous. We wonder whether this is by the group setting.

Issue 2: The site suddenly does not allow user to upload picture, while this is a well tested function. We checked in the file setting, it is writable. The file actually got uploaded, but it doesn't show up.

We didn't pursue Commons

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We were looking at Commons for creating a community site. We didn't pursue this. Recently we've been evaluating OpenAtrium2 which is still rough around the edges but looks promising.

Weird situations w/user post, user upload

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Hi jackthechili - have you re=checked user permissions? In the past I have seen (but not documented!) permissions cause this sort of trouble. As for you picture uploads, can you find them in content and view them (apart from a post or page)? What are the image settings and how are the images embedded in your (post, page?) What is your temp folder for uploads, is it writable?

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