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Is it possible to use two distribution profile in one Drupal installation website. For Example - Suppose I want to use Commerce Kickstart Distribution ( to make an e-commerce site but also I want to use Spark Distribution ( in same website because it has Responsive admin control panel. So is this possible?
If not, is there any alternative way?


Hi Sandip, While you can have

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Hi Sandip,

While you can have two distribution profiles in your codebase, each instance of drupal (each database) can only use one profile. This is selected during install, and cannot really change once set.

At this time there is no way to pick/union features from multiple distributions. It'd be like trying to install Ubuntu and Redhat at the same time.

Since commerce kickstart is much more encompassing, I'd recommend you use that profile, and copy modules that you're wanting to use from the Spark profile into your sites/all/modules folder.

Thanks, previously I have

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Thanks, previously I have thought that I have to this way, by copying the module from one distribution to another, and now I am confident about that.

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