SANDcamp 2014 Open for Registration

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Hello everyone:

SANDcamp 2014 is live for business. Thanks to Jason Savino for making the website work this year with some new twists and Rich Yumul for importing data from the old site. We have six weeks to generate some social media noise and get SANDcamp rocking.

We have great keynote speakers: Jeff Beeman and Josh Koenig. Jeff is the solutions architect for 8-figure Drupal projects and Josh is, well Josh (Co-Founder of Chapter 3 and Pantheon).

We have a full slate of trainings and we're ready to signup attendees and sessions! We need your help to invite and remind folks to register. We'll have 5-6 parallel tracks, hands-on session (2.5 hours) and way too much beer.

Saturday night is sponsored by Kwall and may be poolside at the beautiful and intimate Dana Hotel. Thanks to KWall for their Platinum Sponsorship!

Georgette K, Diana, Ben and Jake are heading up marketing officially -- a big thanks. The venue this year will be fun, cozy and compact. Great free parking, hotel within walking distance and Christoph is leading the charge for boosting the venue wifi.

T-shirts, Josh Koenig Limited Edition Hoodie, food trucks and coffee and sponsors– what more could we want? Attendees and sessions of course.

How can you help?

  • --Invite companies to sponsor
  • --Invite people to attend
  • --Encourage everyone, including yourself to submit a session.
  • --Volunteer

If you have time to volunteer:

  • --Ask to be put on the SANDcamp Skype
  • --Join the Basecamp group (just ask)
  • --Tell us what you'd like to do

Have ideas for camp? Let us know!

Thanks everyone,



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I'm looking forward to this! I'm living in the DC area and normally attend and speak at Capitalcamp and drupalgovdays, but I'm moving out to San Diego early January. Looking forward to seeing what the SD Drupal world is like!


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I like CapitalCamp a lot. Been twice but didn't make it last year. Welcome to San Diego; we're very laid back and a very inclusive group. Please be sure to come by and introduce yourself. Looking forward to your sessions!

SF Bay Area

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