Multisite with shared content

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I have a requirement to create a main site and sub-sites.For ex: Main site should be having content types news,video,gallery,slideshow.
Sub-sites should be having same content types news,video,gallery,slideshow.

I want to relate/reference the main site news with sub-site news,video,gallery,slideshow or sub-site1 news to be relate/reference with sub-site2 news,video,gallery,slideshow.


Domain Access

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That should be easy with Domain Access module.

You will probably need to use Panels with arguments in views to display what you want.

We did it for a client recently.

Hi Saurabh, Definitely you

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Hi Saurabh,
Definitely you can with "Domain Access" and configure the node to be displayed on required domains.


Warm regards
Braham Pal Singh

Domain Access is best for

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Domain Access is best for this requirement.

With domain access,it should

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With domain access,it should be having single database for all the sites and I require separate database for each site as they have large content.

see the docummentation

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the same base different database

also see this it may be useful for you:


multi site with shared user tables

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Hi saurabh.arya,

We can have a multi domain site with shared/individual tables by defining it in settings.php


Setting up a multisite with same database

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I am trying to set up a multi site using the same database but different themes and menus. Also the homepage will have to be different. Is it possible using the same database or I will have to create separate database for each of these sites. The functionality is basically the same just the look and feel of it.

Any suggestions

By changing the user object

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By changing the user object theme value you can achieve the theme change functionality.....

different home page you need to work with views or panels.....

you Can achieve the above from single database.....
understand the user based theme, how it works ? then customize ur way.....

i have done the above one in Drupal 6....


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You can do that easily with Domain Access module.

It also provides a functionality where you can change the theme for every domain.

And frontpage could be themed differently in every theme too. Just use the appropriate classes in the CSS.


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