Bring a Project

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2014-01-09 19:00 - 21:00 America/Chicago

What this means is if you have anything Drupal Related going on such as a work project issue, personal site problem, found a bug in a module, or simply want to get involved in core you can get advice and support from everyone in the room.


Good stuff

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Finally we get some action in Houston :)

We are a Drupal solutions provider. See more at


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We have been meeting steadily for about 5 months now in the APQC - Amphitheater, so spread the word and plan on attending.

We plan on working a few projects to allow for education in small business on how Drupal can help them. Since this idea is still pretty rough and early there is lots of input that can be added and opportunities for our local Drupal shops to capitalize on.

This is great.

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This is great.

Houston small business need help

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Hello All

My name is Amir and I do real estate investment/rental as my 2nd job in Houston.

I have used a person to design a web side for my business and it is up and running but the site is slow. The person who designed it cannot do anything to improve it further.

Myself am reading all kinds of Drupal books on Safari library but since I am new to this there are still much to learn. My goal is to be able to manage all parts of the site design and management. However this is taking time as the learning curve is steep.

I wonder if anybody in this group can give me some tips as how I can improve this site further. In return I am more than happy to help you with your real estate issues. Thanks

Hello Amir

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The best way to help you is in person, there are so many things (technical) that need to be done, that the help through this may not be clear enough. Please come to the meeting if you can!

First question will be, where is it hosted?