Drupal Core Sprint Weekend!

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2014-01-25 10:00 - 2014-01-26 14:00 America/Vancouver
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Mentoring: 10AM to 1PM Saturday, 01/25
Sprint: 10AM to 4PM Saturday, 01/25 and 10AM to 2PM Sunday, 01/26

Q: Do you have to be a "programmer" to contribute?
A: No!

If you've built a site with Drupal, you can find a way to contribute. Documentation of issues, testing patches, writing issue descriptions, and more are all valid ways to contribute to the success of Drupal 8.

If you want to get set up ahead of time, check the thread on the Meetup page with details from the Community Tools workshop from DrupalCon 2013:

The Community Tools page is a good read to understand the whole contribution process - you'll find a link on the Meetup thread linked above.


Prior to the sprint - if you can

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If you have time before Saturday and want to come ready to go without having to set much up complete the "Getting Set Up" steps 1-6 on this page. http://drupalmentoring.org/sprint

If any of it seems confusing or overwhelming take a deep breath and we will get it sorted out during the sprint day.


For Non-Coders

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If you're primarily a site-builder and don't feel prepared to actually pitch in to testing or re-rolling patches or writing issue descriptions, fear not! There are other ways to contribute to the Drupal project and you can come to the Sprint weekend to find out how to get involved. For instance, there are always writing tasks to be done. Here's a page about contributing documentation:


So even if you're not sure contributing code is for you, but you want to get involved with making Drupal 8 better, please take part in the sprint anyway!