Global Sprint Weekend Bangalore - 25th Jan 2014

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2014-01-25 10:30 - 18:00 Asia/Kolkata
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User group meeting

With local sprints being held around the world as part of Global Sprint weekend, Bangalore is no exception. Coming Saturday, the 25th, we are organizing a full day Sprint at Azri Solutions office Bangalore.

We will be working on Contributions to Drupal which include creating patches to D8 Core, Bug fixing, Documentation patches, Patch Rerolls, Change reports, writing tests, manual testing, manual reviews etc and not limiting to this list.

We encourage everyone familiar with Drupal to participate and contribute to Drupal. Let's do our bit to make Drupal better.

We are planning to arrange FREE Lunch as well. Will keep you posted.
Do not forget to RSVP at:

Who can attend:
Anyone having a slightest urge to contribute to Drupal and know Drupal a bit. If you haven't done it before, this is the place to start and there is no perfect time than NOW!

This is not for you IF:
you don't know what Drupal is or want to learn about Drupal. You are welcome to attend but you may feel out of place. We will conduct other events for this.

We will provide Free Internet(Wi-Fi). You need to bring your own laptop. If you are a developer please install latest version of Drupal(preferably D8) and git.
Go through the following resources:

Hope to see you on Saturday!



2nd Main Road,
Koramangala 1st Block,

Chakrapani : 8971-500940
Gokul : 9739-991159

Chakrapani R,


Drupal Global Sprint Weekend Report!!

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Initially I was bit unhappy with the turn out. Especially many of the regular's who RSVP'ed and whom I was counting on din't appear. But then we had an interesting day and we were able to do good amount of work.

In total 8 people attended the event. Among which 2 were experienced, 2 were fairly new to D8 and 4 were beginners/site-builders. We got started with introduction to and how it helps in getting started with core contributions. We spoke a bit about core mentoring hours which happens twice every week.

For the site-builders we thought it would be good to try our hands on change records which are also blockers for the D8 release. We have utilized this area very well and thanks to Mrs.Jaya, she dived right into it and worked on 4 change records.
For the developers who were new to D8 and contributions I guided them on how they can get started with twig conversions and routing conversions(Convert page callbacks to controllers) with little difficulty. Suneel, Sreedhar and Karthik attempted to understand these and work on them. Karthik reported a bug and added a patch as well.
Gokul continued to work on a patch which he had picked up earlier during mentoring hours.
Avinash and Victor were keenly observing how the whole contribution process works in Drupal.
Along with guiding people and helping around, I was able to work on a patch. After which Me and Victor have done some manual testing and identified some missing use cases. Finally we added a patch which covers all the use cases.

Lunch and logistics were sponsored by Azrisolutions, Bangalore.

It was a wonderful experience and thank you everyone for attending and working hard to contribute to Drupal. Hope to see more participants going forward.

Here is the list of issues we have worked on:



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