Configure for Non Profit

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I am creating a site for a new non-profit group that raises funds to support indigenous art forms and the artists that produce them. I like the OpenAid features and I've installed it on Pantheon to evaluate.

Did any of that documentation ever get finished? I'd be glad to take a look at it.



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I am excited about the translation functionality. How stable is this? What is translated? All content? Menus? Blogs?

Hi Coy, I'm glad OpenAid is

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Hi Coy,

I'm glad OpenAid is working for you! It's always exciting to hear about new sites using the distro.

Documentation has begun and can be found at- It is also accessible from the OpenAid project page, Just look for the "Read Documentation" link in the right sidebar under the Resources header.

If there is specific functionality you find yourself having questions on, feel free to send me a direct message here on or create a new post in the OpenAid group and I'll make it a priority to write up some documentation on the specified feature.

The translations feature on the site uses to generate a translation of the site. Although, testing this out it looks like OA might need to be updated as it wasn't working properly on the demo site I spun up. Are you having the same issue?


Translation and other issues

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The translation seems to be working fine for all that I would know, being sadly mostly monolingual. Much of the site appears in various languages when translation is invoked. There are no error messages being generated. My client has international interests and the translation feature is one of the reasons I'm attracted to the OpenAid distribution.
I am however having trouble stumbling around getting things set up. I am trying to build a drupal based site to replace "". I have removed "Resources" from the menu and want to add "Artist". I'd like to model "Artist" based pretty much on the existing "Projects". I've added "Artist" to the menu but keep getting "page not found". I guess I don't understand how to reference nodes. I want to use relative references so the links will still work if I want to migrate the site.
There may be another issue in that "Projects" seems to have a page reference of it's own. I know I can add submenu items from Structure. Do I need to have a page for "Artist" before I can access the submenu items I've added? What kind of page? My development site is

translation not working

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Don't know what happened but translation is not working at this point. Right now I'm working on connecting at pantheon to upgrade modules. Don't know how that will impact the problem.


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Hello Coy,
Sorry for not posting earlier, I was not very active and wasnt following for a while. Just update me on your case, and we'll take it from there. I have been using OpenAid for quite a while.

Handling Main Menu Changes

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Thanks for helping. It makes a real difference. Like I said I'm a bit of a newbie and I'm being really ambitious here. My client is really cool and this web site can well make all the difference. Stretching myself here but I learn fast.
Translation is working fine now.
Having trouble dealing with the main navigation menu link references. I have PathAuto enabled. My menu item "Our Projects" is from the distribution, only slightly modified and seems to work fine. I added the item "Artists Profiles" to main menu. I want several submenu items just like "Our Projects".
Under Structure/Menu/Links, I don't know what to put. I don't seem to have a node to reference. My "Projects" item has a link: "Our Projects" but I find no node for it. My "About" page has a link: "node/6". Maybe I should just delete "Artist Profiles" and clone the "Our Projects" menu item.
How do I reference menu items that will have some sub-menu items? Do they have a node of some kind? Is there java script somewhere that I need to worry about?
I'm wondering about storing media files. I will have a lot of photographs (hundreds, not thousands) and other media files. I want some photographs presented in the slider on the home page and some not. I will want to include some of them in other content types. Should I try to keep all the different types of media in their own path? Should I keep two (or more) copies of a file that is used in more than one place or can I just have multiple references to one file?

Menu tutorial

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Coy Lay,
The node links (e.g. node/3) will change automatically to whatever is set in the URL path settings.

The following video gives a good overview of Drupal menu management:
Drupal 7 Menus

It shows how to create sub-menu items, link to nodes in menus, link to external sites, and place menus in various positions on your web page.

Brylie Christopher Oxley

distro install "update" errors

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I just installed the distribution onto a shared server and ran the update command. I got the following errors:
GeoPHP Library Installed

GeoPHP 1.1 library installed at profiles/openaid/modules/contrib/geophp/geoPHP/



GeoPHP library installed and OK. However, GEOS is was not found. While not required, you will see performance improvements if you install the GEOS PHP extension. See the following link for more information.



not detected

The version of the Leaflet JavaScript Library library could not be detected.

udate to 7.26

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With the exception of the sites folder I just copied the folders from the 7.26 update over the OA distribution folders. Things seem to be working fine with the exception of the errors in my last comment which are continuing.

Main Menu

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I'm still working on adding another item to the main menu. I've added a content type "Artist Profile" with a machine name "artist_profile". When I try to add this link the main menu I get "invalid path or you do not have access to this path". Is this an operating system file access issue or is this "path" in the database? Any help would be appreciated.

Menu Resolution

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I went into the database and found the path should be node/add/{machine_name}.