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Hi, I am investigating using Commons for a non-profit community project that I am involved with.

One of the features that I am looking for is the ability to reply by email to notifications. If my reading of the following thread is correct: there was an option to do this in version 2.x but at the moment it isn't in version 3.x. It does though look like some people have worked on it. Has anyone got it operating in version 3.x?

I'd be interested in seeing this function operating in an installation (version 2.x or 3.x). Does anyone use it? and if so, would it be possible to see it in operation?



I've messed with this in the

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I've messed with this in the past, but not within commons specifically. The main module you want to look at is

Not sure about Commons, but...

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I've been working with this feature in Open Atrium 2.13.