Feb 19 2014 Meeting :: Source Code and Presentation

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It was good seeing all of you last night. Let me say that as a written record, since I may have "turned some of you off" when responding to the meetup links that were auto-emailed to me.

I've placed the files that I used for last night's presentation at http://www.akwebsoft.com/images/drupal_group/feb_19_2014/

000Readme.txt is a manifest of sorts and describes the files. Some of you expressed an interest in
the source code, and there it is. I tried to document the source code best as I could. If I'm clear about
my documentation, they may serve as a tutorial for someone else to get on board with writing modules.
Until D8 :).

Brandon (and any other drupal veterans), if you recall from last night, I said that I made a weak attempt
to code menu call-backs up for arguments and did not succeed. Perhaps you could advise me on how to
change my code so that I have call-backs to the same function, but with different arguments. I could then
post that for grins and edification.