Music Player with Waveform Display

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Hi everybody,

Just joined the group and have been catching up on some of the old discussions on music players. I haven't tried out all the modules I've seen yet though. Does anyone know if there is a good option in Drupal for a music player that has a waveform view like in Soundcloud? I don't want to rely on embedding from Soundcloud - I want to host the mp3s directly. Thanks!


Hi Jon, There are some PHP/C

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Hi Jon,

There are some PHP/C libraries that can take an audio file and render a waveform jpeg or png (see Wav2PNG), but I don't know of any standalone players that do this automatically. Pretty sure uses some variation of this technique using Wav2PNG, and my guess is Soundcloud does a similar thing (possibly using wav2png, too) - generate the waveform once, save it to the server, and then display a cached image in the player. It looks like someone even made a Drupal wrapper for the wav2png library.

Thanks, that looks like my

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Thanks, that looks like my ticket!