Drupal Camp Wyoming

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I want to put on a DC Wyoming and am looking for members that would want to help put it on. If interested, please chime in and we will roll up our sleeves once there are several willing to put in the time.


I am interested

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I am relatively new to Drupal, and I am afraid I would have little to share, but I would like to help in any way that I can in addition to attending.
Douglas, WY

As am I

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Love to know more, and if I can help in any way. I'm mostly in the front-end dev/templating/theming/site building realm, happy to help in any way though!

Well, it looks like there are

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Well, it looks like there are three of us anyway :D This groups is pretty small and I know at least several members are not Wyomingites or likely to attend.

Thoughts on getting numbers?

any way Stanford Drupal Camp can help?

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I'm pretty close to the organizers of the DC at Stanford University and if there are ways that our camp can help out DCWyo please let me know. I graduated from UW about a hundred years or so ago in 1994 and manage a group of ~20 Drupal developers now so I'd love to help out the Wyoming folks if I can.

What if we opened more to CO,

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What if we opened more to CO, UT, and ID? Depending on where in the WY we are thinking, it could open up a lot more users that are geographically very very close.

Strong Drupal Support in Colorado

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I know that there is very strong Drupal support in Colorado (that's where I'm at)- they're planning their Drupal Camp right now - either in Boulder or Denver.

I also think there is a Northern Colorado Drupal Group as well.

  • How big is the support for Drupal in Wyoming, anyway?

Depending on the time of year

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Depending on the time of year I'd be interested in going.

@tpmcgee thanks! @jeisel "How

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@jeisel "How big is the support for Drupal in Wyoming, anyway?"
that is the question at hand. im thinking fairly small.

I live in Laramie but am not committed to hosting in Laramie, but maybe everyone in a while. With N. CO so active, would it be better do something closer to Rapid City SD or Billings MT or Pocatello ID or maybe central, such as Casper WY. How do we assess "the market" ?

@tomdavidson I think you have

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I think you have the right idea of addressing it maybe more as "Northern Rocky Mountain" rather than WY specific. My first thought we be to reach out to adjoining D.O groups and gauge interest level, then perhaps fine tune location based on that... just my 2 cents..


I see E. ID, a SD, a W. MT,

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I see E. ID, a SD, a W. MT, Pacific Northwest, several Norther CO groups. Other than Billings and perhabs Rapid City, I think the major neighboring areas are covered. Im willing particpate in a N. Rock Mnt plan but lets what comes back from a Wyoming specific survey?

The market is for attendees and also for sponsors. Local sponsores may only choose one camp and I dont want to tread on the other groups. Attendess can go to multiple or what ever works best for their location/scheudle?

Thoughts on sharing this survey with neighboring groups?

br, tom

Tom, I like the idea of

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Tom, I like the idea of gauging interest with other groups first, that way there is no toe steppage going on.

Thoughts on putting Jackson Hole in as a possible location for the survey? Might be nice to have a more widely known "destination location" option if we are playing with the idea of opening to wider geography.



re: Drupal Camp

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I've been to two Drupal Camps here in Denver/Boulder. Two things I noticed right away - both times they were at a College - either Metro State or the University of Colorado. There were built-in classrooms, great wifi/internet access, a theatre for big presentations and lots of places to eat/sleep (and drink) nearby.

There was also a strong business presence - lots of companies with stands, brochures, etc. trying to recruit or make their presence felt.

There was also a big division between people trying to figure out what Drupal was all about and more advanced people going into topics WAAYYY over my head.

@dan_rogers. thanks for the

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@dan_rogers. thanks for the suggestion, Jackson is included.

@jeisel. I agree with how slick the college campus facilities can be. It just makes sense.

Did the KSA division get in the way? or easily resolved with multiple tracks? I question if we will be able to have the people for multiple tracks....