Drupal mentoring for a newbie

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I am building a site in Drupal for the first time, and I could really use an expert to talk to, especially regarding how to approach user-submitted content. If anyone has the time (or knows someone who would) to have a little conversation with me, I'd be quite grateful. Thanks so much.

-John Duboise


Hey john, Make sure you

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Hey john, Make sure you attend the next meeting I am sure we will help you in any way we can!!! it is next week I believe. Be checking the group.

What is blocking you?

Thanks I will keep my eye out for the next meeting

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The thing that is really blocking me right now is how to handle images that should appear within an article and also have a tag associated with only the image. I know I could create an image content type and associate tags that way, relating the image back to the article with an entity reference, but that seems like such an obtuse way to go about it from a user's standpoint. I need a way for a user to submit and article with an image and tag both the article and the image separately.

Thanks for the response!

What I am really wanting

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I think the previous post may be influenced by what I think needs to happen. Perhaps it's better if I just explain the site functionality I am looking to achieve. I want a user to either be able to search a name, or have a user log in, and a list of all articles that they are mentioned in and a list of all photos (and videos) that they are in will be displayed. This is what is blocking me. Thanks.

Sounds like a views issue

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You should come to the meetup tonight at APQC and we can work through this with you pretty easily.


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I figured out one solution. But I will definitely try to make the meetup tonight.


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Well, it took awhile, but I figured this out. The 7.x-2.x version of File Entity module, combined with File Entity Inline module and Multiupload Imagefield Widget module (plus two patches, one for Inline and one for Multiupload) allows me to 1) associate a taxonomy term (or any field, really) with an image (thanks to File Entity), 2) fill out/edit the associated term via the node add/edit page (thanks to File Entity Inline) and 3) batch upload images with the associated terms editable as well (thanks to Multiupload Imagefield and two user-contributed patches). Whew!