Who's going to DrupalCon?

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I know quite a few of you raised your hands at the last meeting, but thought I'd do a shout out here to see who is going.

I fly down on Monday and leave on Friday. I'm sure many of you devs are staying for the sprints.




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Jeanne - I'll be in Austin from Saturday to Saturday.

Friday to Friday for most/all

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Friday to Friday for most/all of us Tableau folk.

Sun - Sat

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I'll be there from Sunday night to Saturday.

I'll be there Monday to

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I'll be there Monday to Friday.

Maybe I'll see you at the airport

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Leaving on Monday at 11:30 on Alaska Air. Direct flight in 4 hours, yeah!

Sunday - Saturday

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I'm there Sunday through Saturday. Anyone else taking the Drupal Commerce class?