suggestions on node form to avoid duplicate nodes

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For large organisations with lots of content there's a risk different content creators may create duplicate content unknowingly.

One of the cool features seen when asking a question on stackoverflow is the "Questions that may already have your answer" block that appears below the question title after you've typed it in:
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I was wondering if a Drupal contrib module existed for something like this already? There's a bunch of modules listed on this groups page that talk about showing related content, but they're all for front end UX enhancement stuff.


I believe the uniqueness

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I believe the uniqueness module does exactly what you're talking about.

I haven't used it for Drupal 7. It seems like it needs some help from a co-maintainer who can review and apply patches.

Perfect, just gave it a go

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Perfect, just gave it a go and it works exactly as suggested.

Thanks greggles!