Drupalcon Austin

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Rodale is sending most of our team again to Drupalcon. If anyone from the LV area wants to meetup there let me know! Most of us are flying out Saturday or Sunday from Newark.


Meet Up

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We'll have three people from Olympus there. Arriving late Sunday, leaving early Friday, would be open to meeting up during registration, lunch or post-sessions. Feel free to message via Twitter @rossnunamaker or email ross.nunamaker@olympus.com

I'll be heading out Saturday

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I'll be heading out Saturday to partake in the Sunday/Monday code sprints (anyone else interested?).

I'm definitely up for catching up with folks, since I never seem to have the time closer to home!

Drupal Groups Lehigh Valley: Drupalcon Austin

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At least two of us from the college of arts & sciences at Lehigh will be there. I'm arriving Sunday afternoon. I can best be reached at jjr207@lehigh.edu

Ditto on Saturday

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Saturday to Saturday this year. I'm heading out early for LSD, but it sounds like it morphed into something else (code sprints?). @dnm0


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The NJ Drupal group had a great idea -- they are using GroupMe (private messaging vs. smartphone/web) to organize while at Drupalcon. I created a new group called "LV @ DrupalCon Austin" so if you join, send me your email address and I can add you to the group.


GroupMe in the appstore